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Summit Tech Announces Commercial Availability of its Odience 5G 8K Interactive Live Streaming Platform

CSMO Doug Makishima to discuss 5G MEC applications and demonstrate the Odience platform at this week’s GSMA Thrive North America Conference



Montreal, Canada – October 26, 2020  -- Summit Tech, the leader in IP communications and optimized interactive streaming services for telecommunications operators, today announced commercial availability of its Odience 5G 8K live streaming VR 360 platform with RCS social and ecommerce integration at GSMA’s Thrive North America featuring CTIA 5G Summit.  Summit Tech’s chief sales and marketing officer Doug Makishima will discuss 5G mobile edge computing (MEC) applications and showcase the key features of the Odience platform in the 5G Live: Operator Platform summit on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 1:45pm PT at the Thrive virtual event. The Odience platform, proven on the Amazon AWS Wavelength MEC platform and tested on Verizon’s 5G network, enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to provide next-generation user experiences such as live Ultra HD 8K video and virtual reality calling for live event streaming, gaming, and shopping – making life engaging and social again.

“The Odience platform is a unique end-to-end 8K 360 VR tiled video streaming solution that seamlessly integrates social messaging, calling and sharing, together with ecommerce AI chatbots,” said Alido Di Giovanni, co-founder and president of Summit Tech. “Combining live streaming with integrated RCS social sharing and ecommerce integration together with 5G ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and cloud MEC, provides a completely new personalized and immersive social experience that MNOs can readily monetize.”  

"Summit Tech has contributed to GSMA’s 5G Operator Platform Telco Edge Whitepaper, and significantly to the GSMA RCS specifications,” said Alex Sinclair, chief technology officer, GSMA. “They have been quick to demonstrate innovation through products such as Odience and their RCS solutions. They are a leader in the standardization process and in delivering standards-compliant products, which has led to their swift accreditation by the GSMA”.   

“The consumer already sees their phone as a mobile wand that puts the universe within arms’ reach. Summit’s Odience platform enables consumers to summon an entire experience to complement their face-to-face or online shopping expeditions,” said Tony Chapman, host of the podcast ChatterthatMatters. “They can bring in their friends, advice and of course curated merchandise all of which delivers smiles and confidence to the consumer, and increased traffic and purchases for the retailers. Who doesn’t need a little magic these days?”

“Consumers have already made messaging the biggest interactive platform in use today, and it is on the verge of becoming THE platform for brands to engage with consumers,” said Nick Lane, chief insight analyst, Mobilesquared. “Overlay that with live streaming blended with virtual reality and you are delivering real-world, real-life engagement experiences direct to the smart device. This will make brand and consumers closer than ever before.” 

According to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), the market for interactive virtual reality (VR) on mobile and game platforms has seen a resurgence of interest after the pandemic. Entertainment and business application developers are now re-engaging with the potential of visually immersive experiences.  The first generation of interactive VR services in the late 2010s were welcome by many enthusiasts but failed to deliver an optimal experience to the masses. Hardware optimization, network latency and capacity were holding back wider take up. Today, the promise of 5G networks, edge computing and the much greater interest for interaction by the public are changing the dynamics of  this market. The Mobile Ecosystem Forum valued the global market for VR hardware and services at 4.2 USD billion in 2019.


About Odience

The Odience platform is a complete turn-key live stream 8K VR 360 event solution with integrated social engagement. It allows easy production and streaming of any type of live or virtual event: concerts, sports, esports, shopping, conferences, collaborations, and more. It’s loaded with 5G optimized technology such as 360 8K tiled live streaming, 5G MEC offload, and  integrated RCS social sharing and business messaging with e-commerce MaaP AI chatbots.

Optimized for 5G: The Odience platform is optimized for 5G and MEC, which means that operators with 5G deployments can take advantage of cloud-based stitching, ultra-low-latency and a bandwidth reduction of up to 80% for live 8K tiled 360 video streams. This optimization significantly reduces network load for increased user capacity, and it also reduces the workload on the device enabling longer battery life and lighter-weight devices capable of streaming 8K content. 

5G Features:

         Mobile Edge Compute capable, including application mobility

         Low Latency sub 30ms Motion Photon delay between MEC and device for imperceptible 360° panning

         Tiled streaming using MEC CPU (GPU optional)

         Live 8K 360 tiled streaming from professional or consumer-grade cameras

Performance: Delivers a record-breaking 360 live tiled stream “glass-to-glass” performance that‘s unheard of in the industry: Max 400ms for 4K and <1200ms for 8K, with an 80% bandwidth reduction (<10Mbps @ 8K). This performance was delivered through a combination of 5G network optimization and offloading rendering to the AWS Wavelength MEC, all tested over Verizon’s 5G network. The Odience solution delivers the best possible 8K experience, with low enough latency to make it truly interactive and social. This performance was achieved on Android 5G phones, but the same Summit IMS/RCS stack is compatible with 5G mmWave iPhones. 


About Summit Tech:

Summit Tech provides best-in-class, readily monetizable 5G, IMS & RCS solutions to the mobile industry. With an impressive track record of innovation and large-scale deployments with top-tier operators and OEMs, we provide a broad range of solutions including mobile client software for devices such as mobile apps and native SDKs, and Cloud Native NFV infrastructure elements, application servers, and complete IMS network solutions for the core network. As members of GSMA and MEF, Summit Tech is an active contributor to IMS/RCS and 5G MEC standards, and was the first to achieve GSMA RCS Universal Profile 2.x accreditation for both client device and network. /



Doug Makishima

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Summit Tech

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